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Wind generator stuff below

Selling neodymium magnets for dubbel rotor that is by Hugh Piggott's building plans 


A video with Hugh Piggott

More videos from Scoraigwind.

    and test of a 3 metre turbine at Scoraig in June


    Island workshop glimpses

Go to scoraigwind

Solbergavind windturbine stuff below


New e-mail adress 2012-01-03 E-mail.

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I have some new magnets

N42 50*25*12 with 3.4mm hole and a wedge shape magnet N42 65*30*18*5 with 3.4mm hole.

Magnet N42 65*30*18*5

The N42 65*30*18*5 is intended for 24 poles generator with disk dia of 380mm and give good HZ i have them in boxes with 48 magnets.




I have a good stock on Hugh Piggots wind turbine recipe book

Its a good start for building your own wind turbines


Customer photos



Narcis Voican big windturbine in Romania

Wing dia of 6.4 meters

Tower 30 meters high


Just click on the photo to see more It would be fun to have more photos for others to look and learn


                Interesting links if you are building your own wind generator 
                 Click here to go to the links 

Welcome with your inquiry.

If you will find it easier use google translator for sending e-mail 

More info on neodymium magnets go to Wikipedia
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